Magnesium Gel - Original Zechstein Inside - 200 ml

The Power-Relax-Mineral with pump dispenser

Original Zechstein Magnesium with vegetable starch as gelling agent.


Essential Collection Nr. 43

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The power-relax-mineral

Magnesium is the strongest relaxation mineral of all and is therefore highly effective against stress. It provides great services to all people who feel mentally battered or overworked.

Even with purely physical symptoms, such as after sport, bodybuilding or after long periods of sedentary work (PC & mobile phone!), an application with magnesium generally brings quick positive results.

Our absolute recommendation is to apply Zechstein Magnesium Gel directly to the painful areas and massage it in. Most people experience a pleasant feeling of warmth and sometimes also a (slight) tingling sensation on the skin.

This can occur as a natural process of magnesium absorption and is completely harmless. You will be amazed at how quickly the tension will ease and, with regular use, the muscle groups will relax again.

But not only the muscles benefit from this form of regular use. It is also a great way to replenish your entire magnesium level within a short period of time. On average, 9x faster results than taking tablets or capsules have been documented!

The transdermal application of Magnesium Gel via the skin is still a relatively unknown form of supplying magnesium to the body.

Studies from all over the world, from the USA to Great Britain to Australia, have been proving the extraordinary effectiveness of this transdermal form of application for almost 20 years.

At Vitaalia, we offer you the very best quality. We source our transdermal magnesium products (flakes, oil and gel) from the dried-up Zechstein Sea, as its sediments form the purest and highest quality source of natural magnesium chloride in the world.

Zechstein Inside clearly comes out on top in comparison with artificially obtained magnesium chloride or magnesium from the Dead Sea and the Himalayan mountains!

No other magnesium in this purity level achieves such optimal bioavailability for humans.

Following beneficial effects are claimed by the “European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)”

Magnesium contributes to:

  • a reduction of tiredness and fatigue
  • electrolyte balance
  • normal energy-yielding metabolism
  • normal functioning of the nervous system
  • normal muscle function
  • normal protein synthesis
  • normal psychological function
  • the maintenance of normal bones
  • the maintenance of normal teeth
  • the process of cell division

Suggested Use:

  • Apply magnesium gel to the skin and rinse off after some time if necessary. Preferably leave on the skin as long as possible.
  • Apply some magnesium gel to the soles of the feet overnight and leave to take effect.
  • Perfect for massage therapy, also in combination with (essential) oils.
  • A slight tingling or warm sensation may occur as a natural process of magnesium absorption and is completely harmless. The skin in the abdominal area and under the feet is generally less sensitive.
  • TIP: For calf cramps, sore muscles or tension, massage magnesium gel into the painful areas.

Caution: Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and healthy lifestyle. Not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women unless advised by your healthcare professional. Always consult your healthcare professional before taking any food supplements, especially if you are taking medication or have an existing medical condition. Keep out of reach of young children. Avoid contact with eyes or open wounds.

Storage: Always store closed.


  • Magnesium Gel auf die Haut auftragen und bei Bedarf nach einiger Zeit wieder abspülen. Vorzugsweise so lang wie möglich auf der Haut belassen.
  • Über Nacht etwas Magnesium Gel auf die Fußsohlen auftragen und einwirken lassen.
  • Perfekt geeignet zur Massagetherapie, auch in Kombination mit (ätherischen) Ölen.
  • Ein leichtes Kribbeln oder Wärmegefühl kann als natürlicher Prozess der Magnesiumaufnahme auftreten und ist völlig harmlos. Übrigens, die Haut im Bauchbereich und unter den Füßen ist im Allgemeinen weniger empfindlich.

Bemerkungen: Nahrungsergänzungsmittel sollen nicht als Ersatz für eine ausgewogene und abwechslungsreiche Ernährung sowie eine gesunde Lebensweise verwendet werden. Schwangere und stillende Frauen dürfen das Produkt nur nach Rücksprache mit dem Arzt einnehmen. Bitte lagern Sie dieses Produkt außerhalb der Reichweite von kleinen Kindern. Kontakt mit Augen oder offenen Wunden vermeiden.

Aufbewahrung: Geschlossen bei Zimmertemperatur aufbewahren.

Animal products (e.g. dairy, gelatin, eggs), Gluten, Magnesium stearate, Release- and anti-caking-agents, Colorant, Flavors, Sweetener, Yeast, Lactose, Soya, Nuts, Sesam seeds.

All our products are GMO free!

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Magnesium Gel 200 ml

Magnesium Gel – Original Zechstein Inside – 200 ml

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